Below are a few videos, presentations, interviews, debates, and other media on the King James Bible I have created or participated in creating with others.


Interview with Stephen Boyce on the Conception and Creation of the King James Bible


Interactive Prezi Presentation on the Creation of the KJB

Second Debate with Andrew Sluder On King James Onlyism

First Debate with Andrew Sluder on KJV Onlyism

(FB Live Link here)

Andrew’s Edited Snippet from the Debate

Debate with Dio De Proezas on Acts 8:37 in the KJB

Resources Related to the KJB

The New Cambridge Paragraph Bible


The Manifold Greatness Exhibit

Ink Magazine Article, “Four Bibles That Changed Our World” (With Elijah Hixson)

Ink Issue, Article, Tyndale House on FB