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Blog Posts

The Gospels/gospel

What Is The Gospel?

What Is The Gospel II

What Is The Right Response To The Gospel?

Why You Absolutely Must Study The Gospels (And Resources To Do It)

Yes, It Really Was A Good Friday (Part 1)

Yes, It Really Was A Good Friday (Part 2)

The Centrality And Priority Of The Risen Christ

Dating Jesus

Minimal Facts Favoring The Resurrection

Spiritual Gifts

Sam Storms on the Gift of Tongues

Why I Changed My Mind About Miraculous Spiritual Gifts

Helpful Resources On Spiritual Gifts

Three Arguments For Cessation That I No Longer Find Convincing

One More Argument For Cessation That I No Longer Find Compelling

What About The Gift Of Tongues? (Part 1)

What About The Gift Of Tongues? (Part 2)

Will Tongues Cease On Their Own?

The More Excellent Way That Never Shall End – I Cor. 13:8-13

The Gospel And Gifts – A Plea for Diversity (I Cor. 12:1-30)

Kingdom Chronicles

Kingdom Chronicles – Exploring The Inaugurated Kingdom Of God

The Kingdom Of God Is Already Here – Peter and Paul Said So (Kingdom Chronicles 3)

The Kingdom Of God Is Already Here – Jesus Says So (Kingdom Chronicles 2)

Thy Kingdom Come (Kingdom Chronicles 4)

The Bible

The Untold History Of The Living Bible – Part 1

The Preface To The Greek TR Of F. H. A. Scrivener

The Not-So-Exact King James Bible

The KJV Copyright – A Sordid Tale Of Intrigue And Avarice

The King James Bible Translators Defend Their Use Of Marginal Notes

Some Thoughts on Scripture

Jesus > The Bible (Part 2)

Jesus > The Bible (Part 1)

The 5 Types Of Marginal Notes In The 1611 KJV

Psalm 12:6-7 And The KJV

Matthew 24:35 And The KJV (Part II)

Matthew 24:35 And The KJV (Part I)

Matthew 5:17-20 And The KJV

Matthew 4:4 and the KJV (Part II)

Matthew 4:4 and the KJV (Part I)

Do Modern Versions Substitute Jesus For Satan? (Part 1)

Do Modern Versions Substitute Jesus For Satan? (Part 2)

Authorized: The Use And Misuse Of The King James Bible — A Review

Can You Trust The Text Of The New Testament?

John William Burgon On Textual Variants

Acts 8:37 And Infant Baptism In The KJV

Luke-Acts In A Nutshell

Luke 1:1-4 And The Synoptic Problem

Luke 1:5-2:52 The Savior Is Born and Believers Must Sing

Jesus And The Baptist: Luke 3:21-22

Love’s Labor Lost: Charity Banished By Tyndale

Love’s Labor Lost – Charity Revived In The A. V.

A Guide To Reading The Song Of Songs

The Shire

The Lord Of The Rings And My Departure From The Shire

Some Trajectories That Led Me Out Of The Shire

I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry, And I Love You


What Drives Me To Deep Study?

Your Group ≠ Christianity, Your Leader ≠ Jesus

William Tyndale And God’s English Voice

Was Martin Luther A Mass Murderer Of Baptists? (Part I)

Was Martin Luther A Mass Murder Of Baptists? (Part II)

The Sin of Slander

On Talking The Talk (Part I)

On Talking The Talk (Part II)

What Was The Sin Of Sodom?

The Gospel Of John The Baptist

The God Who Loves Sex

The Fourth Man In The Fire Of Your Suffering

The Eternality of God

The Eschatology Of The Shepherd Of Hermas

The Disaster Of Theology Divorced from Spirituality

The Christian And Tattoos

Should You Abstain From All Appearance Of Evil? (Part 1)

Should You Abstain From All Appearance Of Evil? (Part 2)

Samson – A Tragic Tale Of Aborted Destiny

Remembering The Radicals Of The Reformation (Part I)

Remembering The Radical Reformers

Reading The NT Slavery Texts Well (NT Slavery 2)

That Unbiblical, Hand-Raising, Contemporary Worship (Part I)

Single Not Dead: A Holy Handling Of The Single Sex Drive

Paul As Missionary

Must a Pastor be Married?

Meet Pastor Polycarp

India II (Or, Was That Really A Demon?)

How The Gospel Reshapes Your Worth And Value As A Single

Getting the Most Out of Your Strong’s Concordance


Are The NT Slavery Texts An Objection To The Christian Faith? (NT Slavery 1)

An Emerging Quest For The Historical John McClane: A Proposal For Methodology In Die Hard Studies

A Plea For Biblical, Spiritual Hunger

The Eternality of God

On Commentaries

Preacher, You Need Good Commentaries

Preacher, Meet The Commentators

On The Use, Neglect, And Abuse Of Technical Biblical Commentaries